• #75: Legal privilege in the Netherlands; an update

    In Lawlunch #73 we wrote about an ongoing summary proceeding regarding the infringements on lawyer client privilege in a specific case. Last month the judgment was rendered. In the judgment it was confirmed that the right to legal privilege had been violated in this specific case.......

  • #74: Is non-conviction based confiscation desirable?

    This month, the Council for the Judiciary in the Netherlands (“Raad voor de Rechtspraak”) published its advice on the draft bill to strengthen the approach to subversive crime. The most striking point in this proposal is the introduction of non-conviction based confiscation (NCBC) in the......

  • #73: Legal privilege endangered in the Netherlands

    This week a very important summary proceeding took place in the Netherlands in which the protection of lawyer client privilege played a central role. In a criminal investigation which has been ongoing for years now the lawyers managed to find out that several infringements were......

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