• #77: Bank relationships

    The pressure on banks has increased tremendously by various regulators. These days banks are taking their anti-money laundering controls very seriously. After being firmly reprimanded a number of times by the Public Prosecutor’s Office and having paid their dues by high transactions, banks have set......

  • #76: Trial agreements in the Netherlands

    The desire for criminal proceedings to be more efficient is present among all those involved. Enforcement of criminal offences is more effective for society if proceedings do not take too long. In addition, suspects do not benefit from a long period of uncertainty and nor......

  • #75: Legal privilege in the Netherlands; an update

    In Lawlunch #73 we wrote about an ongoing summary proceeding regarding the infringements on lawyer client privilege in a specific case. Last month the judgment was rendered. In the judgment it was confirmed that the right to legal privilege had been violated in this specific case.......

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