• #46: To prosecute or to confiscate

    Confiscation of the proceeds of crime may take place in accordance with article 36e of the Dutch Criminal Code (CC). This article makes it possible to confiscate proceeds of crime in cases where there has been a conviction. In addition, in accordance with article 36e,......

  • #45: The wind has changed

    Until a few years ago, criminal prosecution of tax offences in the Caribbean parts of our Kingdom was not very common. In recent years, the Public Prosecution Service of Curaçao has made its presence in the tax domain and is prosecuting tax offences. In some......

  • #44: What is the value of a confession?

    It is completely up to a Court to decide upon a punishment when a suspect is found guilty of a crime. The Courts are only bound by the maximum penalties as stated in the law. In fraud cases it hardly ever happens that the maximum......

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