• #71: It is gonna be an exciting new year

    The last year has shown us that the Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped the practice of law. The developments in our practice at Hertoghs advocaten are enormous at the moment; from a new European Public Prosecutor’s Office to a multitude of new cases in the field......

  • #70: Speech is silver, writing is golden

    In the pre-COVID world both suspects and witnesses were usually interviewed face to face in a Dutch criminal procedure. Over the past decade the interview via video conference has entered the toolkit, but face to face interviews were still most common. The idea behind this......

  • #69: EPPO goes shopping?

    Political tensions within the EU are the order of the day. It seems that discussions about own sovereignty versus EU laws are here to stay. On the other hand the EU is working hard trying to harmonize laws and procedures. Fact is however that the......

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