• #59: Dutch settlement policies

    It is well known that settlement procedures in the Netherlands are not bound by restrictive rules. A lot comes down to the discretion of the Dutch Prosecutors’ Office (DPO). Of course the DPO has set out some policy rules which are guiding in informal talks......

  • #58: It is not always smoke and mirrors

    Although suspects should be held innocent until proven guilty, a suspect is not always treated this way. Not by the government and not by society. This is a heavy burden that suspects have to bear. The apparent idea that where there is smoke, there will......

  • #57: Colored laundery

    The doctrine of money laundering knows many complex issues. Issues that can be addressedd for example are: when is there a casual link between the predicate crime and the object that has been laundered? And if money has been laundered when does it qualify as......

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