• #82: Is your data in safe hands?

    Investigative authorities all over the world collect a great deal of criminal data. The Netherlands is no exception. It can include seizures or hacks of large data carriers in the interest of a criminal investigation based on a suspicion of criminal acts. Examples are the......

  • #81: I force you to cooperate

    No one can be forced to cooperate with their own conviction. This principle is known in criminal law as the nemo tenetur principle. An important rationale behind this principle is that a certain amount of force might affect the reliability of a statement, but also......

  • #80: Getting your right

    Being right and getting your right are different things. Especially in law. In criminal investigations, the defendant who is convinced of his innocence obviously wants to get his right. And that makes sense in society nowadays, in which a wrongful accusation impacts so many other......

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