• #49: A FIOD tradition

    At the start of a new year people have the urge to look back at the past year and look out to the upcoming year. At the  Dutch Tax Intelligence and Investigative Service (FIOD) this urge for reflection is almost becoming a tradition. In Lawlunch......

  • #48: Bring on 2020!

    This year is almost coming to an end and what a year it has been! The developments in our practice area have been both interesting and exciting as well as frustrating at times. The developments however all have one thing in common; they bring a......

  • #47: (Mis)trust?

    Recently AIJA organized a conference to discuss the experience of lawyers with trusts. The title says it all: “Trusts and Continental law: is this marriage possible?”. The figure of the trust is not treated the same in every jurisdiction, which can cause serious legal clashes.......

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