• 85: Mission (im)possible: The Certificate of Good Conduct

    A criminal (fraud) investigation often has a major impact on those involved. This applies in the event of a conviction, but also if the case ends in a dismissal or an acquittal. A criminal investigation brings a lot of uncertainty and worry from start to......

  • #84: Do you have a moment for me?

    How it all started? The Dutch version of Lawlunch exists this month 10 years. A wonderful milestone, which we celebrated with a book full of interviews. Our conversations with Laura Peters, Martin Lambregts, Vanessa Liem, Thomas Bosch, Margot Oenema and Robert Jan Koopman are bundled......

  • #83: What a year

    The Christmas break is a great time to relax, reflect and look ahead. Lawlunch focussed this year on the legal developments in the Netherlands regarding trial agreements, cybercrime and legal privilege. Topics that have created lots of discussion amongst the professionals involved. In 2023 these......

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