• #54: People can make honest mistakes

    Making mistakes is human. It can happen to anyone. If you’re wrong, you don’t necessarily do something wrong intentionally. No, you make a mistake while your intentions are right. There is no criminal intent involved. A mistake should therefore not be legalized to criminal intent. A......

  • #53: Money laundering: typologies vs. indicators

    In the international fight against money laundering, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) is the international organization that indicates money laundering typologies, by studying methods or techniques of money laundering. These typologies are used in criminal investigations as facts and circumstances which can construe a......

  • #52: Being acquitted sometimes just isn’t enough

    News is available at any time of the day and it is freely accessible. And the news, even the old, can always be found through search engines like Google. Of course, this also applies to news about suspected criminal offences. Even if those suspicions eventually......

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