The past three years every week we wrote a blog  on about topics from our daily practice in a law firm in the Netherlands – – specialized in financial and tax fraud (FIOD cases). At Hertoghs we mainly handle financial fraud cases. Most of those cases have a tax and an international component. We also specialize in tax procedures and administrative penalties.

On we write about topics from our daily practice which surprise us, topics which excite us and topics of which we think that the legal community in the Netherlands should be aware of and use to their advantage. These discussions could lead to that one eye-opener which creates a turning point in a specific case. We believe that sharing knowledge and discuss various topics amongst professionals are vital to us all. Our blog provides a platform for these discussions.

The last few years we have noticed a great international influence in our practice. Authorities of various countries are sharing information in the widest sense of the word. Cross border discussions are inevitable for every lawyer practicing the same area of the law. Therefore it is time for us to proudly introduce you to Vaklunch’ younger international sister;

Every last Friday of the month during lunchwe will publish an article about a topic from our daily international fraud practice. We look forward to your reactions and experiences regarding those subjects and a lively discussions.

For questions relating to our blogs or other recent developments you can also contact us directly